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Winter Run 2024

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My target 75 kms

The big day

And it rained for the first 300 yards! 
But then cold but gradually brighter. And just lovely. 
Thank you so much to every one who supported. 

Four days to go!

And, thanks to the brilliant women on Women Running the World, I’ve managed a few 9.4km runs to Borough market so the extra 600m should be doable despite (like last year) a phlegmy cold that seems impossible to shake. Sorry about that. 
And thank you, thank you, thank you to every single sponsor (especially Michael for doing it twice). You’ve kept me from giving up. Guilt and pride won’t allow it. 
I’ll be there 10am Sunday and finishing some time the following day! Look out for me at around 11.30 if you’re there. I’m sure we’ll be really slow to get started as there’s 22,000 people who’ll be in front of me! Xx

9 k done. Please let it get warmer!

OK back from new year slump and realising this is real. 

Back out with wonder women runners. And here’s proof. https://www.relive.cc/view/v1Ow53ojnXq

Getting started - please read

Well, less than eight weeks to go so it's time to get started....

I am doing the Cancer Research UK 10k London Winter Run 2024 on February 25th, 2024. 

This time last year I was training for a half marathon when I discovered that I had head and neck cancer. So the Cancer Research Winter Run on 4 February 2023 ended up being my last longish run before months of surgery, radio and chemotherapy and a lot of sitting on the sofa. 

A year on I've learned more about cancer research than I ever wanted to. Twenty years ago the survival rates for my cancer were much poorer. With luck I should be in remission for many years. My cancer was triggered in part by the common HP virus, against which, thanks to cancer research, every teenager is routinely vaccinated, so with luck they'll never get it. (If you have a teen who is not vaccinated against HPV please, please march them smartly off to your GP.)

I was also lucky to be in London where we have hospitals with excellent radiography facilities and outstanding oncology teams. But we could treat many more people, much faster with better facilities nationwide. We also need GPs trained and willing to recognise and investigate early symptoms. I might have been treated months earlier had I not been fobbed off with "women your age... " answers. 

I was also amazingly lucky with the friends I had around me who got me through it - you were all absolutely the best any woman could have.  Some of whom I'll run with in February (and I hope not to hold back too badly).

So a 10k round London's landmarks in 8 weeks. I'll be working to move my time from "laughably slow" to "moderately respectable after the last year".

Please help me raise vital funds for Cancer Research UK and support me as I train for a 10k on 25th February 2024. 

1 in 2 of us will get cancer in our lifetime*. All of us can support the research that will beat it. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


*Ahmad AS et al. British Journal of Cancer 2015.

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Thank you to my supporters


Susan Angoy

What a brilliant thing to do, Lesley! Good luck! Thinking of you x


Krista Sensurucu

Amazing result! So very proud of you! 💪❤️


Michael Craven

Great thing to do! Good luck with it x


Eithne O'leary

Well done Lesley!


Peter Smith

Wishing you well.


Charles Lewington

Heroic! Will be rooting for you.


Beinn A Bhuna Ltd


Juliet Rosenfeld

Lesley, you are incredible in every way. Love Juliet, Fordie, Gus xxxxx


Don Macintyre


Fiona Mactaggart



David Wighton


Michael Craven

Best of luck - great thing to do x


Victoria Phillips

Keep strong you brave woman!


Amanda Spielman

Fantastic effort Lesley!


Tony Burch

Hurrah! Well done Lesley! Go for it!!


Lucy Heller

Go, Lesley, go!


Sally Morgan

Amazing thing to do! Sally and John x



Amazing you are doing this and best of luck xxx


Tom Harris

Thinking of you, Lesley. x


Terry Ashton

Best of luck and every good wish.




Simon Crine


Caroline Murphy

Go Lesley ...so impressed ! C x


Sarah Hunter

Well done!




Tom Hambrett

Go Lesley! Congratulations on remission & well done on smashing your fundraising target - you were always great against a KPI :)


Donald Smith

Well done . Maybe I'll try 10km in the summer now you've done it...



Go Lesley x


Sarah Safi

Lesley you’re a true inspiration. It was a privilege running with you today - all be it you were miles ahead of us from the get go!


Centre For Homelessness Impact

Thank you for your brilliant support with recruitment to our comms team


Jonathan Prynn

Fabulous effort Lesley. Enjoy every minute of it. Especially the one when you cross the line!


Jo Moore

Very impressed. Good luck.


Pat Mcfadden

Go Lesley! Good luck.


Jane Moore

Good luck Lesley, I will be thinking of you on 25th February.


Veronica Martell

Good luck!


Adam Dunlop

Well done Lesley - you're an inspiration! What a 12 months you've had.


Mike Elrick


Karen Mulcahy

Lesley, you're a legend! Shocked to read your story - if anyone can, you can!!


Cameron Smith



Very best wishes, Lesley.


Jen T

Run like the wind!


John O’brien


Wendy Alexander

Run well - so great to see you back doing something you love


Michelle @ Susy Harper

Thanks to Michelle at Susy Harper (for donation and fabulous clothes)


Laura Fischer

Great to see you’re in remission Lesley!!


Susie Symes

Have a magical run, and a happy time (in both senses!)


Mike Mcandrew


David Cornock

Best of luck Lesley!


Chris Mclaughlin

You’re amazing and inspirational.


Ellie Smith

Good luck! :)

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